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Healthy yoga simple movement

Healthy yoga simple movement. Sports is a necessity, in addition to maintaining health, with exercise our body will look professional, one of the sports that is currently mostly done is yoga. Yoga is one of the easiest exercises to do, because of the many benefits of yoga that we can feel, in addition to relieve stress, with yoga exercises our body will be protected from disease, because yoga can boost immunity, you can do these 4 simple yoga movements to maintain health

In order for our body is always healthy to do yoga regularly, at least 3 times a week. Yoga practice can be done easily, can be done indoors in the house, or in the garden , you can do it yourself or with your friends,  but to do yoga should be in a state of calm, so that yoga we do be more optimal. You can try this simple yoga movement at home. Here are some examples of yoga movements

Healthy yoga simple movement

1. Seated Yoga Pose

Seated Yoga Pose is the most widely performed yoga movement or position, because this position is the most comfortable position, and the easiest to do. when you do this position, you can adjust your breathing, so that the air you breathe will enter throughout the body, and make the body fresh.

2. Tree Pose

Healthy yoga simple movement

Tree Pose This movement is like a tree, the position of our body standing upright, with the hands in front of the chest, and the position of the legs folded up to stick to the front thigh. leave the position like this for about 30 seconds, then do the change with the other foot. do up to several times. This movement will help maintain your body balance.

3. Standing Mountain Pose

Healthy yoga simple movement

Standing Mountain Pose is a standing motion with your face and eyes looking toward the front, with your arms dilated towards the side, then breathe slowly, do it for several minutes, then repeat until several times. This movement will make you more relaxed, and will make your mind more focused.

4. Back Pain Pose 

Healthy yoga simple movement

Back Pain cause this movement is extremely helpful particularly if you expertise back pain or pain in your body, this movement will facilitate relieve pain within the back muscles, in addition as slowly the land will straighten back the bent back. This movement begins with sleep on your back, then bend your legs whereas raising his butt slowly to create a 45-degree angle. place your hands on the left facet and feet in an exceedingly relaxed position.

You can do that easy motion movements yoga frequently, additionally to healthy body, yoga is ideal for those of you UN agency wish to contour the abdomen. Hopefully we have a tendency to square measure given health

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