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Benefits Bengkoang and the Process

Bengkuang, this fruit is very easy to find, you can get planted farmers, traditional markets, even modern markets. Because Bengkuang has many benefits, this fruit is often consumed for health and beauty.

Benefits bengkoang and the process

Bengkuang contain sugar, phosphorus, starch, and metallic element. This fruit conjointly includes a cooling impact, as a result of it contains water content of 86-90%. The sweetness comes from Associate in Nursing sugar known as polysaccharide . polysaccharide has been used as a substitute for sugar and calorie-reducing foods in frozen dessert, farm merchandise, and bread. This element can't be digestible enzymes within the human gut, therefore it solely passes through the mouth and intestines while not being processed within the metabolism of the body. within the bowel, polysaccharide undergoes a method of fermentation by internal organ microflora into fatty acids and breastfeed, with byproducts of microorganism and gas biomass.
Benefits and edges

Due to its undigested nature, polysaccharide is great for diabetics . additionally, polysaccharide conjointly affects viscus operate by increasing the mass of the stool and therefore the frequency of voiding, particularly for constipation sufferers. polysaccharide conjointly plays a job in rising the fatty parameters within the blood, by lowering blood serum levels of triglycerides and steroid alcohol in individuals with symptom . 

The process of processing the yam into a mask

In addition to having the content of polysaccharide substances that ar terribly useful to our internal organ health, may be in bengkuang by a mask application that's able to take away black spots on the face. Well, here's a way to cultivate yam to become a face mask:

1.Grate the fruit bengkuang till extremely sleek.
2. Use the grated yam and apply to the facial stained or can even be used as a combination on the scrub.
3. Apply slowly and let represent half-hour.
4. Rinse completely.

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